This Jenny O. Video Will Make You Dance

We know, we know: It's the beginning of the week, and you're singing the Monday blues — big time. But, luckily, we've got just the thing to snap you out of that slump, stat! We've already expressed our obsession with L.A.-based singer Jenny O., and now, another fan by the name of George Michael (no relation to the English musician, we regret to say) is showcasing his love for the artist — but in the form of a super-rad music video.
Set to Jenny O.'s "Good Love" track, the video is comprised of snaps from '70s Soul Train episodes, including 'fros, velvet vests, groovy disco dance moves, and all you'd except from the ultimate era of good vibes. Reading this now, you may think Jenny O.'s sweet voice and honest, heartfelt lyrics could in no way complement the nifty moves you instinctively picture strutting down the beloved Soul Train line — don't worry, we thought the same. But, trust us, somehow the two disparate elements magically combine for a beyond-awesome creation we seriously can't stop watching. So, don't let Monday get you down, and let this far-out video dance the bummer vibes outta you!

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