Men: Jared Leto Thinks You Should Wear Heels, And Here's Why

jared embedPhoto: Via Cosmopolitan.
Dallas Buyers Club, is fast shaping up to be one of our must-see Fall movies. Jean-Marc Vallee’s film features Jared Leto playing a transsexual AID-infected woman who helps Matthew McConaughey’s character smuggle HIV meds into 1980s Texas. As his first major role after a hiatus of close to five years, it’s no surprise that Jared wanted to take things seriously, and plenty has been written about the jaw-dropping amount of weight that both he and McConaughey lost for their roles in the film.
Jared (unsurprisingly) makes for a rather beautiful woman – but his reaction to dressing like a lady for the role is a little less predictable.
He liked wearing heels, and, what’s more, he thinks it imperative that all men give it a go. “Well, I recommend that men try it”, Leto said in an interview with Cosmopolitan , “I think it'll give you a deeper understanding and appreciation for women around the world”. In other words, he wants to take that old adage about walking in someone else’s shoes to its most logical and literal conclusion.
Still, we’re not complaining; while Leto’s style instincts aren’t always 100% awesome (hello, VMAs), he’s onto something here. We can’t promise that wearing heels will reveal the secrets to a woman’s soul, but it might make guys a little more understanding about getting a cab home after a night out.

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