Best Of The Week: Our Top 10 Stories — Jan 07 2011

1. 2011's 6 Coolest Nail Polish Trends—Nail stories are consistently some of our favorite to write, and yours to read. What can we say? Everyone loves a good polish!
2. Sweater Leggings For Snuggling Up In—Here's how to sneak wearing pajamas out in public...
3. 4 Perfect Winter-Proof Outfits—Put down that sleeping bag coat! Here's how to give your outfit game a kick in the ass.
4. WTF: Underwear With A Built-In Penis—This is one step up from rolled-up sock, we suppose.
5. 14 Sale Boots To Kick It In!—You lusted after them during the fall, here's your chance to get them on the cheap!
6. Obsessed! 5 Cheap-Chic Sunglasses Under $10—What's better than a pair of sunglasses you won't feel bad about losing?
7. 10 Amazing Sale Finds Under $100—Ok, maybe this is better.
8. 4 New Handbag Lines We Love—You don't want a bag everyone else already has. Here are some new, unique options!
9. Color Trends 2011: 6 You Can't Miss!—Ooh, so pretty color!
10. A Tiny NYC Apartment Packed With History—This is one of our favorite My Styles we've done.

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