It's Pinatas and Birthday Cakes To Celebrate Slow & Steady Wins the Race's 21st Collection

2009 Cooper Hewitt fashion award nominee Mary Ping once again makes our heads tilt with her fall 2009 presentation for her line Slow & Steady Wins the Race, another collection of objects du folk and a general snub to traditional consumerism. Truth be told, Ping's latest collection was hard to find, a few accessories hidden between countless birthday cakes in honor of the brand's 21st line, and the rest stowed in clever custom pinatas. A bit overwhelming to the thirsty follower of understated accessories rarely exceeding $100, but nonetheless entertaining and thought-provoking. This season, she wins the prize for keeping us on our toes, so far, that is. And wouldn't our toes look cute in these crushed-velvet sandals?

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