It Happened This Week: Agyness Deyn Still Loves the Hipsters, Lauren Conrad Reduced To Kohls, Susan Boyle Is Frumpy No More

hm-matthew-williamson-unemployment1. Matthew Williamson's ultra-colorful line finally hits H&M stores, and shoppers line up to blow their unemployment checks on the peacock dresses and blue blazers. So much better than when folks lined up to cash food stamps at the soup kitchens during the actual Depression. (The Cut)
2. Agyness Deyn proves she's over her break-up with Albert Hammond Jr. by kissing the next long-haired, un-showered, dirty Raybans-wearing rocker: Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet. Remember that band? Yeah, us neither. (Daily Mail)
3. Peter Copping is in at Nina Ricci, and hopes to help the company cash in with luxurious goods for the "real woman." Just what we need! Less artistic vision, more boring clothes for rich people! (WWD)
4. Britian's Got Talent star Susan Boyle goes from hairy angel to leather jacket club member in two seconds flat. Sigh. Success. It'll spoil you so fast. (NYDN)
5. Lauren Conrad refuses to leave us alone and will continue terrorizing with a new line at Kohl's. Here, she shops in silence before waxing philosophic about how accessories will spice up your wardrobe. We're enlightened. Please, tell us more. (Racked)
6. What, you didn't know it was Sparkle Week? Fear not, there are two more days left, so get out there this weekend and shine! (National Jewelry Institute)
7. Chloë Sevigny is seen at Coachella wearing—gasp—socks and sandals. Ohs wells, anything to cover up people's ugly freakin' toes! (Popsugar)

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