It Happened This Week

1. What do Chinese men and hipster girls have in common? Crop tops, that's what! (LA Times)
2. September Issue director R.J. Cutler will release another documentary in September about Rag & Bone. Bring on the popcorn. (WWD)
3. It was revealed that for Fashion's Night Out, Michael Kors will sing with Broadway sensation Idina Menzel. (Refinery29)
4. Washington D.C. style is a bit different than fashion anywhere else... here's the shoe that everyone from clerks to Senators are wearing around Capitol Hill. (NYT)
5. Have you signed up yet to win a $5,000 shopping spree to Shopbop? Times a'tickin'... (Refinery)
6. Did Beyonce rip off the design of an Icelandic fashion label? Whatever the case, we're just glad that she chose to leave out the unfortunate fupa ruching. (Stylelist)
7. The Situation is getting paid $400,000 to be the spokesperson for a new vodka infused with body-building supplement, Casein. (Refinery29)
8. Taylor Momsen's stripper shoes (complete with change slot) comes from—drumroll, please!—a stripper shop! (Interview)
9. A woman was charged an extra fee at a Georgian nail salon for being overweight. (Styleite)
10. The latest Jimmy Choo Uggs are giving our eyes a hurt :( (Refinery29)

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