That Dallas Money Diarist On How She Came To Make $186,000 & Own 4 Properties

In July, we published the Money Diary of a vice president and CFP in Dallas, TX, who makes $186,000 per year (and nearly half a million when combined with her husband's salary). But that isn't all: she owns four rental properties, and in the course of her diary, updated her projected cash flow, tracked her transactions on Mint, checked her net worth spreadsheet, and read Money Magazine on the elliptical. To put it simply, she always had money on the mind.
Like you, we had questions for this diarist. No surprise, the most common one in the comments was: How do you make you make your money work for you and how can I do it, too?!
Ahead, we asked the OP your (and our) burning questions. Check out what she had to say about how she came to own those rental properties, how her relationship with money has evolved over the years, and what she meant when she said married couples should always join finances.

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