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We caught up with Lauren Bush Lauren and Amanda Hearst while they prepped for an event with Lauren's charity FEED and Clarins (a FEED partner) at Bloomingdale's. In between brush strokes, the infamously last-named ladies chatted about how they met, their beauty favorites, and the importance of giving back this holiday season.

How long have you two been friends? And, how did you meet?
Amanda: "We've known each other for eight years."

Lauren: "We met because were both modeling at the time and were represented by the same woman. But then our moms have become great friends too and we've had family vacation moments together."


Do you share beauty tips?

Lauren: "It's not something we normally talk about, but Amanda always looks great and definitely gives me inspiration!"

Amanda: "A lot of people always think we're sisters, because of our prominent eyebrows!"

Lauren: "Amanda's could be my little sister, because she's a little bit shorter!

Amanda: Yeah and when Ashley (Lauren's sister) is there we all look like we're related!"

Why is FEED such an important charity, especially around the holidays?
Lauren: "FEED is always important to me! Thanksgiving is one of those unique holidays where people are asked to be thankful and take into consideration all that we're grateful for. That also comes with recognizing that many people don't have basic food and nutrition."

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Lauren: "So many things! Obviously, my family, friends and health; the major three. But I'm also thankful that I get to wake up every day, do what I love, and help people along the way.
Amanda: I'm most thankful for my family and friends, and the support systems that I have in my life."

What are your favorite beauty products — and why?

Amanda: "Lauren and I are both pretty natural with our looks. But I like this Tarte clay foundation — I've turned a lot of people on to it. I'm also a big fan of Nars. I love their Deep Throat blush and their eyeshadows. And even though I don't wear a lot of makeup, I like to wear different lipsticks. Right now I'm liking bright pinks and there's an orange I'm really into. It just adds a cool little pop to what you're wearing."
Lauren: "I know it sounds Clarins promotion-y, but I really do love their products! They have this shea butter and face wash that's really great. And their Hydraquench moisturizer; I use it every day."

What's the most important part of your winter beauty routine?

Lauren: "I'm always big on moisturizing, but more so in winter because I'm definitely a little more dry."

Do you have other special projects coming up with FEED?

Lauren: "For holidays we're launching a few new things. One of which is a bag in partnership with (Product) Red, which will give meals and ARV drugs to people living with HIV and AIDS. That's new for us and will be kind of cool. We just launched some bracelets with Links of London. Each one has a different charm or icon and gives back to a different FEED cause. They're really cool! Those are the two big ones. We also did a clutch with Judith Lieber and we're launching it in a black and gold for holiday."

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