A Total Stranger Was Their Wedding Witness

Scout and I went to high school together, so I can say with confidence that Scout has always been the kind of person who does things first. She was the first friend to drive me into NYC from our suburban town in New Jersey. She was my first friend to start a blog. She was the first person I knew who got a tattoo, and who could pull off blunt bangs (that she cut herself — okay, maybe I cut them for her, at her dismay) and plaid pants — at the same damn time. She was also the first person I met who grew up with gay parents (one of her mothers is an activist, a teacher, and used to be the head of GLAAD; the other helped launch the LOGO channel). Scout was my first friend to date an older guy. Then, a guy from another state. Most recently, she was my first friend to get married — which she did secretly, at City Hall, last year (wearing her junior-year prom dress, which just so happened to be white and Vera Wang). In the time since Scout and her husband Patrick rushed to the Bronx to tie the knot, they have navigated newlywed life in all its turbulent glory. Scout's life may not be a fairytale, but it's her own “coming out” story, as she reveals to many of her friends and family for the very first time that she is, in fact, married — and happily so. Watch the below for some BTS details and check out the world of Cupidity for more real-life love.

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