Sell Your Best Instagram Snaps Online Using This Sweet New Site

We knew it was only a matter time before peeps started slinging their Instagram pics online. Whether a printed pillow or an iPad case there will always be something to slap your snap on, right? But, the latest Instagram innovation to hit the scene offers up something for others (hey, it’s not all about you!). Lo and behold, Instaprints, which is the newest addition to the budding Instagram-merch market.
In essence, the site works as a platform for amateur and pro photogs to sell larger canvases of their captures. We’re talking wall-sized prints all derived digitally. We think this is a pretty cool process and are kind of shocked that some of the pics are from a phone cam. Plus, if you’re still an Insta-newbie and haven’t quite mastered the art of awe-inspiring shots — you can swoop up someone else’s masterpieces. Hey, why not?

Photo: Via Instaprints