Snazz Up Your Wrist With Your Favorite Instagram Snaps!

Is it just us or is everyone finding some way to slap a snap on a product these days? We get it, Instagram is the new social media du jour, but whether it’s a pillow or phone case, placing Instas on your everyday items seems to be a sweeping fascination. So, it really is no surprise that another company has come along and hopped on the snap-happy bandwagon — but hey, we aren't complaining.
InstaWatch by May28th is a custom-watch platform that allows the insta-obsessed to freeze their favorite picture in time ... literally. Strap that pic of your pup or sun-soaked wine vacay on your wrist for oodles of people to see. We kind of dig the analog versus digital integration that’s going on here, but not sure we would sport one ourselves. We're on the fence. Thoughts? Are you itching to display your ‘grams on your wrist for the world to see or is this trend reaching its saturation point? Weigh in with a comment.

Photo: Courtesy of Angela Tafoya/InstaWatch

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