Like! Instagram Launches Cool New Online Profiles

While we may be resistant at first, we’re certainly never surprised when our fave sites and apps seemingly turn our worlds upside down by unleashing a slew of “new and improved” interface updates. And it looks like Instagram is doing just that and presenting us with a whole new web-based operation to ogle. We kind of saw this one coming. After all, the Bay Area-based company did lightly launch an online endeavor a couple months ago, but it pales in comparison to this new, fancy-schmancy setup.
Now you can view a user’s recent pics and bio in a snap, just head to and you're there, viewing all the mobile content on your browser — as if we needed another platform to constantly check our ‘grams. Don't have yours yet? Don't fret, the profiles are slowly being rolled out over the next few days, so sit tight!
Of course, these new profiles are a blessing and curse, because now we’re sure we will be glued 24/7 to the already addictive app. And while we definitely give these snazzy, seamless profiles a thumbs up — we can’t help but notice it somewhat mimics another site already out there (cough, cough … Facebook?). What do you make of the ch-ch-changes? Are you now basically never getting off Instagram or will you still be logging in the mobile way? (Instagram)