What Is The Craziest Thing You've Done For A Like?

Face it: Instagram Likes give us an artificial sense of gratification. We are obsessed with getting as many red hearts as we can — and we ask ourselves whether we should take a photo down if we haven't hit lucky number 11. We even had Lucie Fink try out five days of zero social media to figure out why we're always trolling for Likes.

Here at R29, we're surrounded by influencers who have huge followings, creative outlooks, and all the angles to make a killer photo. We take pride in the aesthetic of our feed. We caption photos like we are debuting our first article in the New York Times, picking each word closely and carefully, making sure we sound wittier in writing than in person. We don’t dare take a bite of delicious greasy pizza without first documenting it from the perfect aerial angle.

We asked resident R29ers to tell us the craziest things they’ve done for Likes — from ordering food they don't plan to eat to updating old captions from college. These 'grammers go to extremes to get the most Insta-love possible. Watch the video above and let us know the most outrageous thing you've done for Likes.

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