What Does Your Fave Instagram Filter Say About You? Find Out!

Are you a color-crazy Hefe or a wannabe Wes Anderson Earlybird? Do you have any idea what we’re talking about? Chances are, in our Instagram-saturated world, you know exactly what we are referring to and why. While we’ve probably all been guilty of trying to elevate something as banal as a bowl of granola to epic artistic stature at some point, according to marketing company Marketo, the IG filter we choose says more about us than the actual pictures we take. Yeah, serious psychological stuff here, people.
Check out the infographic here to see which personality, or filter profile, you fall into! Whether you’re the light-sensitive and perhaps “perpetually hungover” Valencia user or the Nashville addict that never wants to try too hard, we have to admit, these descriptions behind the top 10 Instagram filters are pretty hilarious, if not totally spot on! What do you think — do these stereotypes hold any truth, or should we all be able to keep filtering our morning lattes without being labeled as the "Lazy Artist"?

Photo: Courtesy of Angela Tafoya

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