5 Women Share Their Deepest Financial Secrets

We carry our lives in our wallets. They are filled with our most intimate information, and digging through someone’s can be almost more revealing than snooping in their medicine cabinet. Tucked among the credit cards and driver's licenses, there are bits of memorabilia, personal effects, and little details that share so much about who we are.
That said, your wallet probably doesn’t reveal much about your actual financial health. Surely, there are millionaires who never carry cash, and then those struggling to stay above the poverty line who have half a dozen credit cards. But we were curious: Is there a correlation between your personal wealth and your wallet?
Ahead, we asked five women to open up their wallets and spill the contents for the world to see. Then we took things a step further and asked them personal questions about their financial lives. The result is an illuminating look at the financial realities of five women, credit card debt and all.

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