Ingrid Michaelson Takes On Gaga & Bowie In Her New Music Video

We've been fans of Ingrid Michaelson ever since we heard her song "The Way I Am" on Grey's Anatomy (seriously!), but it's her latest music video that has her rocketing up our list of crazily-creative crooners.
The message of "Blood Brothers" is important on its own — a reminder of the easily forgotten fact that we're all the same on the inside. But the video is what really drives the point home: With the power of a truly talented hair-and-makeup team and an added boost from time-lapse videography, Michaelson is transformed into a bevy of celebs, including Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga.
We were totally impressed by how on point these character changes were; they kind of made us wish we had our own gang of devoted stylists at the ready to work their magic as quickly and efficiently as a NASCAR pit crew!
And that got us thinking. It's really impressive and thought-provoking to see makeup used to convey a message in such a literal way. Seeing Michaelson morph with such ease (and the subsequent teardown, thanks to a well-timed makeup remover wipe) is an amazing representation of that all-powerful idea that no matter how we style ourselves or change our appearance, we are all human beings. There’s nothing like a little mental note to always use the golden rule — especially when it’s prompted by a healthy dose of line.

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