In Case You Missed It: Marc Jacobs' Robert Duffy Strips Down To His Skivvies For The Camera

When you're locked in an office for hours on end, it's hard not to act crazy, so we're going to chalk Robert Duffy's latest antic up to cabin fever. Yesterday, a video emerged on Facebook showing the president of Marc Jacobs stripping down to his (Marc Jacobs-branded) briefs. What we learned? Dude is ripped! Also, his diamond cross necklace is a stomach-turning $50,000 (his briefs, on the other hand, are merely $9). This is the latest in a series of social media snafus the company had (Remember the disgruntled intern who got onto the MJ Twitter? Or the male stripper that Duffy Twitpic'd?), but also one of the reasons they're so compelling and fun to follow. Keep drinking the Koo-Aid, boys! (HuffPo)

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