The $8 Press-On Nails That Fooled All My Friends

If I had to choose my favorite body part on myself, it'd be my hands. I know, I know... it's a little weird. But I take pride in how they're shaped like my late grandmother's, how long my natural nails grow, and how soft they still are despite having to hand-wash my dishes and carry heavy bags of groceries up and down the steps of my local subway station. (Ahh, New York City living.) But, because of all that wear and tear, manicures are a pointless expense that I rarely indulge in. I haven't been able to keep gel polish from peeling for more than six days... and my regular polish chips within two on average. And you can forget about doing my nails at home. I struggled with coloring inside of the lines in kindergarten — do you really expect me to paint both hands neatly as a twenty-something?
But recently, I've been able to enjoy a perfect, professional-looking manicure without all that fuss, and that's thanks to press-on nails. I know what you're thinking: Press-on nails? Really? And look, I took found them a bit tacky and juvenile at first, too — until I found the imPRESS Christian Siriano collection, which launched back in November. I first spotted them on Ashley Graham, who walked in his show, and started using them myself shortly thereafter. Almost immediately, people started asking about my ruby red manicure and looked shocked when I told them it wasn't courtesy of a cool new nail boutique in town, but rather an $8 box set from the drugstore.
filmed by Khalea Underwood.
Not only do these nails look great, but they're also ridiculously easy to apply. You just peel off the glue tab, stick 'em on, and go. I usually put mine on in the back of an Uber, if that tells you how low-maintenance they are. You can whittle them down to whatever shape you desire as well, though I've rarely had to grab my file.
Because they are press-ons, they do eventually come off. I often last a good three or four days with a full set, and if I lose one, it's not that big of a deal since 30 come in a box. Plus, I get so many compliments whenever I rock a set... which is an easy way to get everyone else to obsess over my hands, too.
imPRESS Press-On Manicure x Christian Siriano Collection, $7.99, available at imPRESS Manicure.

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