Neon Nail Polish: So Good, It’s Illegal (Literally)

Neon nail polish doesn't just make a statement about your awesome taste in bright colors and on-trend nail art, it also says you might be breaking the law. Before you reach for the remover, let us clarify. In today's surprising laws we never knew existed, we find out that it's illegal to produce neon nail polish in the United States.
This information comes from Jan Arnold, creative director of CND, who told MORE magazine that the neon polishes you're buying from your fave beauty store, are probably imported. In addition, the U.S.-produced versions of neon polish may not really be true neon at all, but rather a super-bright hue that has a similar bold effect. Forgive the giant question mark between our eyes, but without any further details, we are left scratching our heads at what makes neon such a big no-no. It is as harmful as, say, the now-illegal Brazilian blowout, or is this just an ancient law that is yet to be eradicated? Until we find out, go ahead and (pretend to) walk on the wild side as the U.S. is currently working on the first legal neon polish in the country. Phew! (She Finds)

Photo: Via She Finds

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