The ONE Tool You Need For Perfect Waves — & How To Use It

Photographed by Shanita Sims.
For ages, two hot tools reigned supreme in the hairstyling world: the flat iron and the curling iron. If you wanted straight, silky styles, you reached for the former. Amped-up curls? The latter. But lately, we've been seeing hairstyles that are a little tougher to pull off with either of these tools — and lord knows we've tried. We're talking about the effortless beach waves and bedhead bends that have become the Instagram 'dos du jour.
But there's one gadget that can get you there — and it's likely the one you looked at in Ricky's and thought, How the hell...? And you're right, the double-barrel Nalu Waver from R Session Pro Tools looks intimidating at first — there are, after all, not one but two piping-hot irons to navigate your fingers around. But once you get the hang of it, you can achieve all manner of curls and waves without burning the shit out of your hands.
Ahead, hairstylist and Nalu Waver creator Frank Rizzieri walks us through three styles that are easy to pull off with the twin rods. You can either purchase the Nalu Waver in-salon, or opt for any of the other fantastic options on the market. Plugged-in and ready? Let's get started.

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