You’re So Vein, You Probably Think This Article Is About You

Harsh-truth time: You may have legs that rival Beyoncé’s backup dancers' or have ridden thousands of miles in your Flywheel class, and still have noticeable veins. By age 50, nearly 40% of women and 20% of men have vein problems, so unfortunately it's likely that you'll have to confront them at some point in your life — and they have nothing to do with your fitness level. “I often reassure my patients that if you have legs, chances are good you have some form of varicose veins,” says Miami dermatologist Jeremy Green, MD.
Awesome. But, even if varicose veins are kind of inevitable, you don’t have to adopt an Amish wardrobe to hide any skin above the ankle. Find out what you need to know about prominent veins, including how to prevent and treat them. Keep your miniskirts handy.

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