Simple Tricks To Stop Sweat Before It Starts

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Sweating is totally natural and healthy — but sometimes, it can be a little embarrassing. As Shape reports, there have been a few recent product innovations to stop sweat spots. Belly Bandit, for example, created liners made of bamboo that can be placed underneath a sports bra to absorb sweat before it shows.
Related: Post-Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making There are other simple hacks to prevent those wet patches: For example, corn starch can easily do the trick. “Because corn starch is so fine, it's super-absorbent and able to pull sweat away from the skin,” Shape explains. All you have to do is dust it on pre-workout. Related: Pre-Race Rituals Runners Swear By A good antiperspirant also works like a charm. Shape suggests you go for an invisible stick that will stop wetness without leaving white marks or "being unnecessarily harsh on your skin.” But, remember: Sweating is totally normal. It’s practically a badge of honor for all of your hard work, so feel free to work hard and sweat on. Click through to Shape for more sweat-stopping tricks. (Shape) Related: How Much Exercise Is Too Much Exercise?
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