5 Tips That Make Moving In With Someone Easier Than Ever

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Finding the perfect space, and then designing it, can be difficult. Luckily for you, we teamed up with the real estate experts at Trulia, the site for all things furniture, hayneedle.com, and the design experts at Laurel & Wolf on a giveaway to make your home into a sanctuary. Enter to win $2,500 for rent, $1,000 to shop furniture and home decor at hayneedle.com, and a custom room design from Laurel & Wolf. Click here for your chance to win — and read on for advice anyone can use. Living with another person, whether out of desire or economic necessity, certainly has its ups and downs. You have to worry about getting along with your roomie, and being sure your decor styles mesh. Living in a place that feels like an oasis of your own is so important, but the same is true for whomever you're living with. How to make sure everyone's happy? We consulted Carisse Lynelle, interior designer from Laurel & Wolf, for the ultimate tips for decorating a shared living space. So, whether you're moving in with a romantic partner, a platonic pal, or just some (hopefully cool) random you met on Craigslist, do it with style using the advice below.
Downsize To Just Your Favorites
Looking at all your stuff as a comprehensive unit can be overwhelming — and it can make it hard to recognize what items you could realistically part with. Taking it on a piece-by-piece basis will help reveal which things you don't totally love, and totally could donate. Combine With Consideration
It can be tempting to try to take over the space with only your things, but that doesn't really create a welcoming environment, does it? Be sensitive when moving in and try to include pieces from you and your new roomie in a way that works together aesthetically.  Fall Back In Love With The Pieces You Keep
Starting fresh is a beautiful concept, but there's no need to toss out those keep-forever investment pieces. A new couch would be cool, but so would re-upholstering your old one into a more modern style. It'll save some much-needed cash, too. Avoid The Urge To Overload
Try to stay in the "less-is-more" camp when bringing together the styles (and belongings) of two different people. It's easy to just add everything together as a way to represent everyone equally, but that can end up rather cluttered. Instead, combine with care.

Use Art For A Peaceful Union

Art is likely the easiest (and most space-conserving) way to mesh two distinct looks — and gallery walls are very in right now. Use vertical wall space to make two different people's design sentiments feel at home. You can do a lot in your home using all this pro-level advice, but just imagine what you could do if you win rent for a month, $1,000 to shop home furnishings and decor, and a custom room design. Click to enter for your chance, courtesy of Refinery29, Laurel & Wolf, Trulia,  and hayneedle.com.

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