5 Easy Ways To Hack & (Successfully) Crack A Coconut

Are you crazy for coconuts? We are. And in our coco-nutty opinions, the idea of ringing in spring with a freshly cracked, whole, cool coconut sounds simply divine. Just think of all the creative and festive tropical fruit possibilities: a drink complete with tiny umbrella, an edible bowl for mango sorbet, a sweet spoonable snack, or even a bra (ahem, worn in the privacy of our own homes). But there does happen to be one minor hurdle keeping those coconut dreams at bay — the things are damn near impossible to crack. Like, get ready to take a chainsaw to the cement-like fruit.
But, as it turns out, you really don't need any aggressive hardware to get through those hardened shells. All you really need is a handful of common household items (or just your hands — and a rock)! We've rounded up five easy ways for you to get right down to the core of your coconut (no chainsaw necessary). So scroll on down and get crackin'.
1. Freezer & Hammer Method
Freezing your coconut before starting the cracking process makes it, well, less of a process.
2. Knife & Screw Driver Method
Starting with a knife creates solid grooves for the screwdriver to finish the work (hammer optional).
3. Screw Driver & Hammer Method
For a mess-free split, use the screw driver to hollow out eyes and drain some of the liquid prior to hammering.
4. Knife Method
With the right alignment, all you really need is a sharp knife to split that coconut down the center.
5. Hand & Rock Method
Or, you can simply go old school and smash it — yes, with a rock.

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