Everything You Need To Know About Debt

Money is life's truest form of a double-edged sword. Earning it? Gratifying. Spending it?Exhilarating. Spending too much of it? Terrifying. But as much as we try to tiptoe around the topic, managing our finances is unavoidable. For two seconds, let’s pretend that the thought of our paycheck doesn’t put us in an immediate state of stress. Instead, let's swallow the fear, put on our adult thinking cap, and follow the sage words of Priya Malani, the founder of Stash Wealth.
Step one: Let's chat debt. According to Malani, it’s easier to manage than we might think. Ahead, we partnered with Intuit Turbo to bring you a few tips on how to better understand what's going on with your debt and what you can do to fix it.

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