This Is The Secret To Happiness At Work

One of your most important working relationships is with your boss. And not just for the obvious reasons, like the fact that this person ultimately decides if you get that raise and promotion you’ve been gunning for, or that you see him or her more than anybody else on the planet. The relationship is also crucial because managers play a major role in the happiness of their employees. A recent Gallup study found that roughly half of adults have left a job to get away from a sucky boss, and a Harvard Business School survey of almost 20,000 employees showed that people who feel respected by their managers have better health and well-being, as well as greater satisfaction with their jobs.
It doesn't take many years of experience to learn that you often have to do some "managing up" in order to get the most out of the boss relationship and your job — even when you have a fantastic boss. But, it can be tricky to master that skill, and no two bosses are the same. We talked to Lindsey Pollak (a millennial career expert and author of the book Becoming the Boss) and Kathleen Harris (VP of content development for the professional network Levo) to get their best advice on working with eight of the most common manager types — from the boss who shares way too much personal info to the one who yells. Ahead, tips for managing up like a pro.

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