Yes, You CAN Wear This Eye Makeup Trend

Blue eyeshadow may have been our first foray into makeup, but thanks to a slew of appearances on the spring/summer 2016 runways (and every cool girl's eyelids thereafter), it's making a triumphant return to our makeup rotation. Now let's set things straight: The new formulas are nothing like that first, frosty shadow single you matched to your baby tee. Instead, they come in the form of aqua cat-eyes and inky shadows that, believe it or not, actually make us want to put our obsession with "no-makeup makeup" on a hiatus.

Since the trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere (if our Instagram feeds are any indication), we teamed up with makeup artist Deanna Melluso to break down three modern ways to wear it, by mixing the latest shadows and liners from beauty mecca Sephora. Each look is based on how bold you're willing to go, from "I'll dip my toes in first" mild to "let's do this thing" major. To play with this punchy pigment, just follow any one (or all three) of the mesmerizing GIFs below. We hate to say we told you so, but you look beautiful in blue.
Photographed by Nadya Wasylko.
Two-Toned Turquoise
This first style isn't just a good one if you're hesitant to layer on the blue stuff; it's also a super-fast makeup look for when you're running late, doing your makeup in the car, or just wanting maximum impact for minimal effort. Start by dipping an angled eyeliner brush in a deep blue shadow, like Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Paranoid. This product has the slightest metallic sheen but goes on super smooth. Drag the brush from the outer corner of your bottom lashline inward, lining all the way across. Next, choose an eyeliner in a shade that's just a touch deeper than your shadow. (We used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos.) Line along your waterline with the darker blue for a two-toned effect that's subtle yet worthy of a double take. The best part? It's all the makeup you really need to make a statement. Swipe on some lip balm and get going.
MM6 dress; Jennifer Fisher earrings, ring, and necklace; Gabriela Artigas bracelet and rings.
Photographed by Nadya Wasylko.

Squared Away
We know a cat-eye isn't necessarily groundbreaking. You've already mastered it, right? Now just square off the corner, and you're left with a look that feels brand new. To get the look, draw a thick line of turquoise liner along your upper lashline, winging it out into a standard cat-eye at the outer corner. Melluso likes to work from the outside in, but go whichever way works best for you. We used a thick-tipped crayon — Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner in Turquoise; if you choose something thinner, go back and forth over the line to beef it up. Next, use Melluso's trick to create a squared-off corner. Using an angled eyeliner brush, drag the cat-eye downward at the outer corner, creating a sharp line. Then, bring the color back in toward the corner of your eye, filling in the shape to get a graphic, square edge. A light coat of mascara and just a hint of blush round out the look.
Alix bodysuit, Eddie Borgo choker, Maria Stern bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner earrings, Gabriela Artigas rings, Tilda Biehn ring, Moortown ring.
Photographed by Nadya Wasylko.

Blue All Over
If you're ready to up the drama and go full-on blue, then it's time to take it back to your kindergarten days. That's right. You're going to do some finger-painting. To start, apply a dot of blue cream shadow to each lid. We used Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Sesh, which is a velvety, denim-blue shade. (If the brand sounds familiar, it's because it's part of the long-awaited collection from Milk Studios that just dropped at Sephora this month.) Use your ring finger to spread the product over your entire lid. But work fast, says Melluso. The product sets quickly. Next, use your finger to drag any leftover product along your lower lashline and slightly below (think banana shape). To add even more intensity, brush a navy shadow, like Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in ME216 Electric Blue, along your upper and lower lashlines, using the product as you would liner. Define your brows, and finish with a couple coats of mascara. Now, don't you want to try all three looks?

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