Score Perfect Pigtail Buns With A Household Item You Already Own

I recently found myself shamelessly staring at a girl on the subway. Yes, she was a total babe with a cool outfit, but it was her pigtail buns that I couldn't take my eyes off. I had hearts in my eyes, and I took mental notes: They were high, full, and perfectly imperfect, like she had tried — but not that hard.
Well, it turns out morphing into the coolest girl on the train is a lot easier than I had anticipated. In fact, all it takes is an old pair of tights you don't mind cutting up, two hair elastics, a few bobby pins, and a little patience. Think of it as the sock bun 2.0.
Simply snip the ends of your old pair of tights at the foot and cut two pieces of fabric a few inches in length — taller for bigger buns, shorter for smaller ones. Pull your hair into two high pigtails, place the fabric around one pigtail, and slide it to the very ends of your hair. Then, simply roll the fabric down the pigtail, gathering hair as you go. Pin when you reach the base of your pony (feel free to poke into the fabric for more hold), and repeat on the other side.
Press play below for the full rundown, then start turning heads...

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