11 Easy Tricks To Get Rid Of Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

Sometimes, a quick stretch is all you need to loosen up. But other times, experts say, you might need a massage to help your muscles relax — especially during stressful times or after an intense workout. (We know, it's a real hardship.)
"If you have chronic pain, definitely get looked at by a professional," Elizabeth Bragg, LMT at Shift Integrative Medicine says. "But everyday aches and pains from being at a computer, swimming, exercise, things like that? There are things you can do to relieve the worst of it."
It turns out there are a handful of common pressure points and areas of tension that you can target to bring relief, and even if a pro massage isn't in your budget, it's totally possible to DIY. We worked with Bragg and acupuncturist Zach Haigney, L.Ac., to create a few easy self-massage techniques that can help you feel better fast. They primarily focus on the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs.
Click through to discover some tips and tricks to help ease your pain.

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