These Pro-Approved Masks Make Hair Soft — Not Greasy

My hair is oily. I'm talking, I could be mistaken for having just gotten out of the shower on morning two, oily. To help control it, I have always abided by universally-accepted rules for those with a greasy scalp: I strictly condition just my ends, hoard dry shampoo, and most importantly, I would never let a deep conditioner touch my hair. Until recently, I held these best practices to be fact — until a few hairstylists told me otherwise. It turns out, my fear of deep conditioning might be misplaced.
"Greasy roots often have very different needs from the ends of the hair," celebrity hairstylist Kirsten Patterson says. "You really have to treat the roots differently from the ends. It's fine to deep condition if your ends are dry and brittle. Just avoid doing it every day and, of course, avoid conditioners on your scalp."
Likewise, Phyto Paris global artistic director Anthony Cristiano says not to be afraid of conditioning your hair, given that your conditioner is silicon- and paraben-free. "When conditioning, the goal is to balance the hydration from scalp to ends — as long as you're treating your scalp properly, there's no reason you shouldn't be hydrating your ends with a mask," he says. Translation? Dry ends should still get a deep conditioner every so often, just make sure you keep it to your ends and rinse well.
With that in mind, I asked them to round up their favorite deep conditioning products that will hydrate ends without making a greasy scalp worse. Their pro picks, ahead.

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