10 Tips For A CLEAR Complexion

We have a fickle relationship with our skin — sometimes we love it, other times we revert to our adolescence and bunker up indoors in an effort to hide our breakouts from the world. Anyone that’s suffered even the most minimal form of acne knows how emotionally taxing the skin-care roller coaster can be, and that combatting it takes more than an impulsively purchased serum or scrub.
So, instead of fighting the blemish battle by constantly covering up or playing a rousing game of musical face products, we turned to S.F. skin guru Kimmy Williams of Acqua e Sapone to guide us to a crystal-clear complexion. We've seen Williams work wonders on problematic skin for years, and the pro has a tip (or 10) for everyone out there — regardless of what shape your skin’s in. With her help, you'll be bidding those bumps adieu in no time. The intel ahead is spot on.