How To Get Bolder Brows In Just One Minute

Ask a random sampling of women which one beauty trend they want to nail, and nine out of 10 will tell you: bold brows. (Well, at least in the R29 offices.) Lush, neatly defined brows seem to be everywhere these days — from the pages of your favorite glossy to your television screen during primetime — leaving us to mourn that unfortunate over-tweezing binge we went on in junior high. In search of the perfect brow routine, we've hoarded powders, gels, waxes, and everything in between to fill in our set. But the major downside to this trend? Creating brows that are “on fleek” sucks up precious time in our already time-crunched mornings. In this episode of Beauty In Seconds, we’re breaking down how to get beautifully groomed and defined brows in 60 seconds. (You can thank us later.) And to keep it simple, you'll just need two brow products from Maybelline New York to tailor your arches, fill 'em in, and create natural texture. Watch the video above for all our tricks, and start thinking of ways to fill all your newfound time.

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