This Desk Makeover Has Productivity-Boosting Powers

There’s a desk somewhere under there, right? We can’t count the number of times we’ve quietly muttered this about our own workspaces — nor can many others, apparently. According to one survey, 45% of people intend to organize their desk but simply haven’t gotten around to it. And, more than one-third of people would be embarrassed if someone got a glimpse of theirs. Sure, the first step is removing piles upon piles of clutter, but a productivity-encouraging desk isn’t just about a clean slate space. Plants (oh, the power of living things!), a smart storage system, colorful supplies, and good lighting are also key. And, if your workspace reflects your preferred aesthetic — get a hint at yours with Target’s Made for U College Styler — you may actually want to spend time seated at it. To get started, watch and admire this transformation; then, let the creative juices begin flowing.