12 Buys For Cleaning Faster & Smarter

The weekend is in sight and you likely have grand plans for an epic brunch, followed by a shopping jaunt, and then bar-hopping your way to a concert. That sounds great, and we don't want to be a downer, but you might want to pencil in some apartment-time, too. The place could use your attention — the kind that goes beyond taking out the trash and stocking up the fridge for the week ahead. We're talking about those hush-hush problems, like the unbudging, strange sticky patches on the floor and cat hair all over your clothes.
But, dealing with that mess shouldn't totally eat up your weekend, so we found a few tools that'll make the process easier, faster, and a lot less painful: from a one-step rinse solution to a dust-preventing doormat. You'll have those dishes cleaned up and be drinking your first mimosa before your friends even get out of bed. Keep clicking, major household victories lay ahead.

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