The Secret To Buying A Flattering Mirror

Mirrors. They're like frenemies: impossible to avoid in life and sometimes just so spiteful. They can twist and stretch you in all the wrong spots. 
How do you really know if a mirror is a good one? This was actually a question one of our editors raised during a meeting. So, we asked interior designer and stylist Leanne Ford what the golden secret is. "I hate to say this, because I love a good deal, but in general the cheaper the mirror, the worse you will look in it. Those mirrors you buy at Walmart and hang on the back of your door, you know, the $10? Those are funny mirrors." She recommends spending a bit more on a heavy-duty piece that will stand the test of time.
And, it's all about the angles. "The best way to feel good in front of the mirror is good lighting and a mirror resting on the ground, angled up to lean back on the wall. It's geometry," Leanne says. So, lean that puppy up. Ahead, we found five durable, full-length mirrors that'll make you feel good — which is half the battle, according to Leanne. We couldn't agree more.