The Definitive Guide To Brewing Coffee At Home

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
For such a simple drink (literally water and beans), coffee can sure get complicated. So to demystify the various brewing methods for our favorite morning drink we went to an expert. Eric Grimm is an events manager at Everyman Espresso in NYC, as well as a coffee and culture writer for Sprudge. He was more than happy to answer our burning questions about how to get the best cup out of different kinds of brewing methods.
From grinds to water temperatures to ratios, Grimm broke it down for us — and then some. But he also offered a word of advice, "All ratios are starting points. Only you know how you like your coffee, so play around with it. If it tastes weak, up your coffee dose or use less water and vice versa if it tastes too strong." He also reminds us that fresh-ground coffee is best, and while it's okay to buy pre-ground, try to use it up within a week.
After that, it's just a matter of knowing your stuff (and being willing to experiment a bit). Pretty soon, you'll be the expert home barista you've always wanted to be.

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