15 Workplace Skills Every Woman Should Master

We hear a lot of talk about assertiveness these days. With all the lean-in chatter and "bossy" talk, it's become one those vague, theoretical buzzwords about women in the workplace. We all know assertiveness is a crucial and often difficult skill — not only for women, but for anyone who struggles with speaking up, introversion, or insecurity (i.e. everyone). 
The good news is that assertiveness isn't an always innate ability, but a learned skill. And, once you start practicing small changes, you'll see how much better your workday becomes. Communication becomes smoother, conflict is less intimidating, and goals are infinitely more achievable. 
We got help from two experts in the area: Tamisha Ford and Dr. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD. Ford is a career coach and communications advisor, specializing on women in corporate culture. Dr. Reynolds is the author of The Discomfort Zone, studying brain and behavioral patterns as related to emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Both women emphasize the fact that assertiveness is the primary factor in taking charge of your career. No, it's not always easy — but, it's very simple. 

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