Housewarming Party: In The Penthouse With Scott Campbell and Friends

Lily Cole and a friend, Zac Posen
Normally, we're not into real-estate porn and stick to Pre-war housing. But when we heard that master of ink and graphic design, Scott Campbell of Saved Tattoo, stylist Heidi Bivens, producer Lucy Cooper, and model Jake "Son of Sting" Sumner were throwing a party at the new Loft 25 high-rise in Chelsea, we changed our tune. Also, with an invitation like this on Friday the 13th, who could say no?
Mark Ronson
Down at the new Loft 25 in Chelsea, not only were we greeted by a large, tasteful space, we were greeted by large, tasteful helpings of Belvedere as well. Notable partygoers included designer Zac Posen, model Lily Cole, and actors Jake Hoffman, Brendon Sexton Jr., and Justin Theroux as well more downtown types like The Neistat Brothers and Carol Lim, owner of Opening Ceremony. For music, we had a DJ sets by Mark Ronson while his sister, Charlotte, watched. Apparently, there might have also been a performance by I Blame Coco (also known as Coco "Daughter of Sting" Sumner). We say "might" because our crack reporting staff and its long list of contacts can neither confirm nor deny any reports of said performance: We were far too drunk on the penthouse views (yes, yes, and the Belvedere too).
Photos by Will Ragozzino
Birthday girl Lucy Cooper, Pietro, and Francis Turk-Hart
Birthday boys Scott Campbell and Jake Sumner
Joanna Bovay and Roanne Adams

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