12 Things You Could Be Hiring A TaskRabbit For

Benjamin Franklin said it best: Time is money. If that's the case, we're not very rich. There are only so many hours in a day, and every weekend we face the hard truth that we could never check off all the projects on our growing lists. Unless, of course, we had a team like Beyoncé's — which may not be such a crazy idea. After hearing a few out-there tales of what some TaskRabbit workers actually do, we realized there are many jobs that can be outsourced beyond moving, organization, and assembling furniture. 
Sure, there are some things we might be embarrassed to pay someone else to do, but on second thought, we can't honestly say they'd get done otherwise. That digital decluttering project? Those vintage pieces we need to list on eBay? Everyone could use a little help with different items on their to-do lists. And, then there's always thinking outside the box the next time you have to pull off a crazy scheme (scuba diving for lost keys, anyone?). Calling for backup: It's a good thing.
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