15 Actors We Kind Of Wish Stayed In Character

It's incumbent on an actor to bring a character to life. Intro to Acting 101, right? But, every so often, a certain gig comes along that can define a celeb's career. These thespians don't just own these roles; they grow into their own in these roles. It's as if they become the best fictionalized versions of themselves.
Some call it the performance of a lifetime, the game changer — and sometimes these parts come with critical acclaim and award nominations (and wins). But, these are also the nuanced roles in which actors look exponentially more attractive. And, we're not just twee-talking about a chiseled jawline or perfect hair (though that's a part of it). When playing these specific characters, the actors are endowed with an extra dose of intangible appeal — a swagger, if you will. Can you imagine anyone but Daniel Day-Lewis playing Lincoln? Who's Loki without Tom Hiddleston's devilish smirk? Perhaps it's just great costuming or an emerging alter-ego, but the draw is undeniable and irresistible. Ahead, 15 roles in which our favorite celebs are just plain better.

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