Hot Booties, The Perfect Footwear For Your Snuggie!

In recent years, our eyes have been pummeled with such as-seen-on-TV apparel products as the Snuggie, Pajama Jeans, and, our personal favorite, Forever Lazy (you can poop in it!).
But what kind of footwear, we've always wondered, does one wear with one of these patent-pending polyester products? Well, we've found the perfect match in Hot Booties, the – and we can't believe we're writing this – comfy, microwaveable slippers. That's right, simply slip Hot Booties into their – sigh – Bootie Bag, microwave them for 60 seconds, and enjoy "up to an hour of therapeutic, soothing, moist heat." It's like sending your toes to Boca! Added bonus: When heated, they give off a lovely, aromatheraputic lavender scent. Our lazy look is almost complete. Now, can some intrepid inventor out there get cracking on the House Hat, please? (Ad Week)

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