Never Spend $$$ On Bottled Dressing Again

Photo: Getty Images.
Are you a bottled dressing buyer? We've certainly been there. Especially during the summer when salads are a plenty and picking up a pre-made bottle is by far the easiest option at hand. But bottled dressings take up extra precious space in our refrigerators — because as much as we like to think we will, we never end up finishing the damn thing. Not to mention, they never really taste as good as we want them to. But what's the alternative? Homemade dressings take energy, time, and knowledge.
Luckily, we've got a few a fast and easy formulas to follow for foolproof homemade assemblage. When you've hit bottle-fatigue and you just can't cram another half-used ranch into your drooping fridge door, we have you covered with a quick and easy solution. Whether you want a standard vinaigrette or a creamier option, mixing together a few pantry and fridge staples with the correct proportions is an ideal alternative to those bulky store-bought bottles. Not to mention, decidedly more delicious and cost effective!
Ahead, I challenged myself to creating three separate dressings with only three ingredients — all from on-hand pantry items and the depths of my culinary mind — no grocery shopping trips were taken during this experiment! So scroll on to see what what you can mix up straight from your pantry, and rid your fridge of those half-empty bottles forever.

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