A Crafty New Way To Make Your Casa Smell Divine

After a few months of winter hibernation, our apartments are starting to smell kind of rank. As much as we love candles, they take some time before they start to mask the funk, and fragrance diffusers are messy and always seem to lose their mojo after a few days. We're digging these ingenious new room fragrances by AirCraft, because they feature a "so simple it's genius" approach: They've infused the scent into the sticks.
Instead of messing around with loose oil, AirCraft's ScentSticks are made from natural, biodegradable fibers that are saturated with pure fragrance oils. You can use them in the included ceramic holder, or get creative and put them in a cool jar. If you want to play perfumer, you can combine scents to create a unique aroma that's all your own. With twelve scents to choose from, go crazy coming up with inventive perfume combos. They last for 30 days, but we recommend adding in new sticks midway through to pep up your abode with a freshened up scent.
AirCraft Infused ScentSticks; $12.99 for a starter pack, $9.99 for refills; AirCraft for retailers.

Photos: Courtesy of AirCraft

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