Holy Crêpe: Eating Up Foodie Style

There's something that goes hand in hand with being fed kitschy food by girls in similarly sugar-coated uniforms. Locally, we've been a fan of Brooklyn's Peter Pan Bakery, known for their redonkulous donuts and egg creams, and the Polish girl employees that skirt around in pink trimmed, mint button-up dresses. Oh, and let's not forget about the pink ladies of Babycakes. For the rest of the country, there's the Americana classic, Hot Dog on a Stick, where the girls sport Mondrian-esque, mod striped shifts and caps, as they deep fry your dogs and serve lemonade from fairs to the mall. But when Playlust recently directed our attention to the crê pe stand ladies, an amazing mother and daughter duo who serve up fancy pancakes straight outta Zurich, food service dressing went from campy to want-to-copy. We love their bangs, the big black bow-ties, the mom's beehive, and the whole fuchsia, red, and pink candy-stripe palette. Delicious!

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