Pandemonium At Powell: A Report From The H&M x Versace Front Lines

HM Versace San Francisco

Laurel, the first person in line at the Powell Street H&M, with her loot (left). The ridic around-the-block line (right). Photographed by Klassy Goldberg

In case you didn't decide to spend a large chunk of your weekend camped outside of H&M on Powell Street, awaiting the shop's doors to open at 8 a.m. on Saturday, so that you could get your greedy little hands on the fast fashion giant's print-tastic
Versace for H&M
collection, not to worry. We did it for you! Sort of. Although we weren't going to sleep on the concrete overnight with the other 200-or-so collab-happy fans (a crowd comprised mostly of eBay re-sellers and FIDM students), we did pop in and out to report on it all.

The short of it: Folks put on their best honey badger game faces — and raincoats — to line up as early as Friday A.M., with the first chick in the queue, East Bay-er Laurel, arriving at 11 a.m. "I made a list that I printed out from the website," Laurel, who came with her mother, explained of her game plan. "I'm most excited about the studded leather dress, but I'm just going to grab everything I see from the list." Was she victorious? Hell yes. We caught up with the youngster the next morning, after she emerged from the shop — three hours after the sale opened — with five shopping bags filled with every piece that she had wanted, including that studded leather dress, which is already going for $299 on eBay. Yep. That's our report from the H&M front line, kids. See ya next time.