H&M Takes Their Mass Market Goods To High-Fashion Status In This Sunny Editorial

The sun is here! The sun is here! Really, after a week of nothing but gray skies and pouring rain here in the lovely Northeast, we feel like standing on top of a mountain, er, high-rise, and yelling that at the top of our lungs into the shiny sparkly sky. So in the name of more good weather to come, here is this beautiful little editorial we found on Fashion Gone Rogue, titled, aptly, "The Sun Is Here." Shot by Camilla Akrans for, surprisingly, H&M France's magazine, model Anne V makes the mass market's affordable duds look like high fashion wares. Proves you can do anything with the right lighting and the right girl, no? But who cares if H&M wants to cheat us by making that $40 dress seem like $400 material? We're grabbing that sun hat and heading to the beach this weekend. Meet us by the lifeguard station! (Fashion Gone Rogue)

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