Hipster Version Of Jersey Shore To Film On LES!?!?!?

Imagine what would happen if there were a hipster reality show. God, we'd have to shave our heads and change our names, wouldn't we? Luckily, true hipsters would never put up with that crap, so instead, we're getting "The Scene", a new reality show based on the struggles of being musician in Manhattan's hipster mousetrap neighborhood, the Lower East Side. Gothamist and Flavorwire report that the series will focus on the hipster-ish scene around The Living Room and Arlene's Grocery and, if this preview is any indication, there is certainly a dose of hipster DNA flowing through the veins of some of the show's chosen subjects. While we aren't seeing the headband-on-headband brawls that would really mark a hipster reality show here, one subject suggests there's a lot of "backstabbing" going on, and, with the earnest faces displayed by some of the cast, we just can't wait for that. One thing, can't you producers leave Pianos alone? Hasn't it suffered enough? (Flavorwire/Gothamist)

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