Hipster Glasses For All: Adaptive Eyewear Improves Sight in Developing Countries


Although they might look they come straight out of Moscot, Adspecs from
Adaptive Eyewear
are changing the way the world sees. Using a liquid-filled lens, wearers in developing countries can self-adjust using detachable syringes until the prescription is just right for them. The glasses are mass produced and tweaked in the field, making the operation more cost effective; $15 provides one pair of glasses. Better eyesight can improve academic performance and allows adults the opportunity to acquire more sight-centric jobs. The round lenses aren't exactly a fashion statement (the shape is necessary for an undistorted view) but in terms of what they mean to someone without access to eye doctors, they can be life-changing. Find out how to help out the cause here. (Wired)


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