The Movies That Need To Be On Your High School Senior Syllabus

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Though many of us have buried the memories of our time in high school deep — very deep — into the recesses of our minds, some people still think very fondly of their teenage years. The year leading up to young adulthood is often marked by major events like as prom and graduation, and they tend to play a huge role in the transition into the next chapter.
The current coronavius pandemic has made it impossible for seniors around the world to close out the biggest academic achievement of their life thus far in the typical manner, forcing them to celebrate their proms, senior prank days, and graduations from the safety of their homes. And if we're being honest, slow dancing in your living to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's prom playlist under the watchful eye of your parents just doesn't hit the same as the real thing.
Fortunately, pop culture boasts a bevy of movies that will help you experience the thrill of those final days as a high schooler. From Troy and Gabriella to Napoleon and Pedro, Hollywood has a roster of relatable fictional characters embarking on the next chapter of their journeys for you to live through vicariously. Sure, it doesn't compare to actually participating in your school's epic senior prank, but it still smells like teen spirit.
Ahead, ten movies that every high school senior should watch before they graduate.

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