Graduation Cancelled? Live Vicariously Through These Movies

Photo: Annapurna/MGM/Kobal/Shutterstock.
Of all the ways our lives have changed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, graduating seniors have faced particular disappointments. Many weren't given the chance to say proper goodbyes to their classmates, schools, and really, a whole chapter of their lives, be it high school or college, before spending 14 months learning remotely. To top it all off, the graduation ceremonies meant to celebrate this milestone have been cancelled, with many schools opting for virtual alternatives. It's something, but it's not the same.
While nothing can replace the real thing, the class of 2021 can at least live vicariously through the many movies based around this life event. Last hurrahs, unrequited love, and bets gone wrong dominate this genre, but don't let it give you FOMO. While you may not be able to have that last wild house party before graduation (unless it's over Zoom or, aptly, House Party), you can all hop on Netflix Party to watch the movies together.
As someone who can barely remember anything significant from both her high school and college graduation ceremonies (both were in gymnasiums thanks to rain, and both were mostly hours of sitting with about 20 seconds of excitement), trust me: watching these movies might actually be better.

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